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EasyMIG 375


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Technical parameters

Input 3× 400V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
Welding current MIG [A] 50 – 350
Duty cycle [%] 60
Output working voltage MIG [V] 9.9 – 35
Wire feeding speed [m/min] 0.8 – 16
Wire feeder built-in, 4-roll gear
Welding wire spool[kg]/[mm] ≤ 15 / ∅200 / ∅300
Wire diameter ∅ [mm] Steel 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2
Aluminum 1.0 / 1.2
2T/4T Control tak
TIG Lift tak
Welding current TIG [A] 10 – 350
MMA welding mode tak
Welding current MMA [A] 10 – 300
Hot Start tak
Arc Force tak
Wire test tak
Change polarity tak
Current consumption [A] 17
Weight [kg] 39
Dimensions [mm] 920 × 470 × 740
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SPARTUS® EasyMIG 375 these high-end semi-automatic welding machine (compact type), made of inverter technology using IGBTs. It allows gas metal inert and active arc welding  MIG/MAG), metal arc welding (MMA) and TIG Lift with arc ignition. Thanks to the ability to change polarity, it allows welding with self-shielding wire without gas.
Max welding current is 350A for MIG/TIG, for MMA – 300A and is powered from three phase 400V source power.
The device is equipped with synergic programs for MIG / MAG welding with steel wires in the 0,8 - 1,2mm diameter range. Additionally, it is possible to manually correct selected parameters.
The use of modern technological solutions has allowed the device to be equipped with a number of functions that support welding processes:
2T / 4T – selection of one of two operating modes (MIG/MAG).
Inductance – regulation of welding inductance – it allows to control the width and depth of fusion and reduce the amount of welding splashes
Burn Back – precise adjustment of welding wire burning speed allows limit a risk of sticking the welding wire to the contact tip.
Slow Feed – so called gentle start-up of the wire feeder, recommended especially during welding with high amperage and high speed of wire feed.
Hot Start – for easier electrode ignition (MMA) Arc Force – for easier welding in forced positions (MMA)
VRD – lower no-load voltage (MMA).

A high-class 4-roll wire feeder, ensures stable wire feeding of steel, aluminum and stainless steel wire. Stable output parameters guarantee the appropriate quality of the weld.

SPARTUS® EasyMIG 375 package:

Device SPARTUS® EasyMIG 375

MIG gun SPARTUS® SPE 360 3m

Additionally 2 x wire guide roller 1.0-1.2V fi30

Electrode holder

Work clamp

Gas hose

User's manual

Package price [EUR]:

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