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EasyARC 315


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Technical parameters

Input ~3× 400V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
Welding Current [A] 20 – 280
Duty cycle [%] 60
No-load voltage [V] 69
Arc Force tak
Current consumpiton [A] 18
Power factor (cosφ) 0,93
Efficiency η [%] 80
Insulation class H
Protection class IP21S
Weight [kg] 11,5
Dimensions [mm] 500 x 225 x 340
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SPARTUS® EasyARC 315 uses the most advanced inverter technology. It is powered from a three-phase 400V network.

The welding current is in the range of 20 - 280A. The power source provides a strong, focused, and stable arc. Easy-to-use function panel equipped with a digital display allows for precise adjustment of welding parameters.

New technologies ensure excellent output parameters. The machines have a built-in Arc Force system (with the possibility of smooth adjustment of the arc power). This prevents the electrode from "sticking" to the workpiece when the arc voltage drops too low due to the sharp shortening of the welding arc. The Arc Force function is irreplaceable when welding in particularly difficult areas (e.g. overhead welding), where welding with a very short arc is often required.

Examples of use: industry, structures, renovation works, workshop works.

Package EasyARC 315:

Device SPARTUS® EasyARC 315

Electrode holder

Work clamp

User's manual

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