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EasyTIG 200P AC/DC

EasyTIG 200P AC/DC


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Technical parameters

Input ~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
Welding current TIG [A] AC HF 10 - 200  /  AC Lift 30 - 200  /  DC 10 - 20
Duty cycle TIG [%] 35
Start Amps, End Amps tak
Gas pre flow [s] 0 – 1
Up slope [s] 0 – 5
Down slope [s] 0 – 5
Gas post flow [s] 0.1 – 10
Pulse mode tak
Pulse Amps [A] [AC/DC] 10 – 200
Base Amps [A] [AC/DC] 10 – 200
Pulse width [%] 5 – 100
Pulse frequency [Hz] 0.5 – 200
AC frequency [Hz] 40 – 250
AC Balance[%] 20 - 80
SPOT welding tak
Arc ignition LIFT / HF
Coated electrode MMA welding mode tak
Welding curent MMA [A] 10 - 200
Duty cycle MMA [%] 35%
Hot Start range [%] 0 – 10
Arc Force range [%] 0 – 10
No-load voltage [V] 60
Current consumption [A] TIG 36 / MMA 43
Power factor (cosφ) 0.73
Efficiency η [%] 85
Insulation class H
Protection class IP21s
Weight [kg] 11
Dimensions [mm] 490 × 225 × 340
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SPARTUS® EasyTIG 200P AC/DC is digitally controlled inverter welding machine, constructed on the basis of IGBTs and PWM technology. Allows welding AC/DC TIG and AC/DC MMA. It is powered with single-phase 230V source power.

Machine enables two methods of arc ignition: TIG HF and TIG Lift. In addition, it has a built-in pulse welding function, which is useful to join very thin elements.

The easy-to-use function panel allows precise control of all the most important welding parameters. The modern display, using the TIG function waveform, facilitates the management of advanced parameters:

- pre-gas and post–gas,
- start amps, peak current and end amps,
- up slope and down slope,
- AC frequency (with mileage control),
- AC balans (20 – 80%),
- SPOT welding

and during welding with pulsed current:

- pulse width ( 5-100%),
- base current (10-200A),
- pulse frequency (0.5 – 200Hz).

Depending on the welder’s preferences EasyTIG 200P AC/DC can work in 2T or 4T mode. MMA welding mode (to 200A) is assisted by functions: Arc Force and Hot Start. The machine has 6 channels on which you can set and save your own welding parameters in the device memory.

SPARTUS® EasyTIG 200P AC/DC is designed and manufactured in order to fieldwork. Despite its small dimensions and weight, it allows for advanced welding TIG method. Examples of use: portable repair, workshop, maintenance, light constructions.

Device EasyTIG 200P AC/DC :

Device EasyTIG 200P AC/DC

work clamp

Gas hose

User's manual


EasyTIG 200P AC/DC packages mini 17 4m / mini 17 8m

TIG torch SPARTUS® TIG mini SPE 17 1B X 4m TIG torch SPARTUS® TIG mini SPE 17 1B X 8m
TIG toolbox (consumable kit) TIG toolbox (consumable kit)
electrode holder electrode holder
mass hose mass hose
Gas hose Gas hose
User's manual User's manual

Torch mini SPE 17 current-carrying capacity 150A DC
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