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Table welding SPARTUS®
FERROS 3D 1400 x 1400 x 200
with rotary positioner

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Technical parameters

Wykonanie odlewany
Size of the work surface [mm] 1400 x 1400 x 200 (ośmiokątny)
Made casted
Material EN-GJL-300 cast iron acc. to EN 1561
Table top thickness [mm] 25
Table horizontal precision [mm] 0.1/1000
Table vertical precision [mm] 0.1/200
Standard D28 (drilled and milled holes 28mm diameter)
Carrying capacity [kg/positioner] 1000
Total table height [mm] 1090
Supporting structure Positioner
Table top weight [kg] 650
Total weight [kg] 1140

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FERROS 3D 1400 x 1400 x 200 SP28C-14-14-RP1000


The welding table with a positioner allows to adjust the position of the workstation to the worker’s requirements. The positioner allows to rotate the work top with variable speed in both directions and change the tilt angle of the main frame. The welding table is controlled by a foot pedal. The self-locking drive ensures stopping the rotary disc in any position. The mechanisms of the positioner provide rotation around its own axis and deflection of the positioner up to 140° from the horizontal level, whereas the tilt angle after mounting the table top is 90°.

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